• Doomsday


    The Dallas Cowboys dynasty years of the late 60s and early 70s gave their defense the Doomsday nickname

  • Steve Carlton & Mike Schmidt

    Steve Carlton & Mike Schmidt

    Winners of the CY & MVP following the Phillies 1980 World Series victory

  • Bo Knows Diddley

    Bo Knows Diddley

    Bo Diddly and Bo Jackson performing for a Nike commercial

  • Bo Jackson with his BIG BAT

    Bo Jackson with his BIG BAT

    For UK charity Comic Relief, Bo Jackson posed with an oversized bat.

  • Billy Crystal for Comic Relief

    Billy Crystal for Comic Relief

    Bill Crystal mugs for thr camera

  • Curtly Ambrose & Brian Laura

    Curtly Ambrose & Brian Laura

    Star bowler and batsman of the twice world champion West Indian Cricket Team

  • 1999 West Indies Cricket team

    1999 West Indies Cricket team

    West Indian Cricket Team at its best having won back to back World Cups in recent years

  • Neil Lomax, A Time to Learn

    Neil Lomax, A Time to Learn

    St Louis Cardninals quarterback passed to Roy Green and finally beat the Cowboys in 1987

  • Clark & McGuire

    Clark & McGuire

    Players Will Clark of Sanfransisco and Mark McGuire, of Okland, both 1st basemen, symbolically hitting against each other across San Fransisco Bay

  • Bike Racer Reading

    Bike Racer Reading

    Bike Racer reading the newspaper while in a race

  • Power Alley

    Power Alley

    Dale Murphy as an Atlanta Brave in alley with glowing bat

  • Marino World

    Marino World

    Dan Marino of the Dolphins woth the water coming up behind him

  • Texas Thunder

    Texas Thunder

    Harvy Martin and Ed to tall Jones main stays of the Dallas Doomsday defense

  • Franco Harris

    Franco Harris

    Pittdburg Steelers running back played in 9 consecutive pro bowls and rushed for more than 1000 yards for 8 seasons. Franco Harris is known as one of the NFL's greatest running backs, but he is probably best known for one spectacular play... the Immaculate Reception!

  • Lone Star Shootout

    Lone Star Shootout

    Houston vs Dallas at the OK corral

  • Long Running Rivals

    Long Running Rivals

    Ingemar Johansson and Floyd Patterson traded heavy weight boxing titles in 1959 and 1960. They later competed in marathons and were good friends,

  • Some Sides Never Retire

    Some Sides Never Retire

    The Kids and Kubs softball team in St Petersburg Florida has been going since 1930 and provided recreation to well over a thousand seniors since its inception.

  • Dan Marino

    Dan Marino

    An early Dan Marino dressed as James "Sonny" Crockett of Miami Vice with the famous white Ferrari on South Beach

  • John Thonpson

    John Thonpson

    Georgetown head basketball coach and seven coach of the year awards. Mr Thompson is also credited with keeping the notorious drug dealer Rayful Edmond away from his team.

  • International Kick in the Grass

    International Kick in the Grass

    An international soccer team

  • Take it to the Hoop

    Take it to the Hoop

    Spud Web, winner of the 1986 Slam Dunk Contest and only 5 ft 7 in tall

  • Frankie "Sweet Music" Liola

    Frankie "Sweet Music" Liola

    Frank Viola was nick named "Sweet Music" by a Minnesota sports writer declared that when Viola pitched, there was "Sweet Music' in the Dome. He won the Cy Young award in 1988 and was Named MVP in the 87 World Series.

  • Lance Parish

    Lance Parish

    Catcher for the Detroit Tigers in their 1984 World Series win against the Padres. Winner of many awards including the Silver Slugger and Golden Glove.

  • Seve Ballesteros

    Seve Ballesteros

    Pro golfer with an amazing ability to hit out of challengeing situations and 5 times ranked world #1 in pro golf

  • Andre Agassi

    Andre Agassi

    Andre as a yourg man with long hair was ranked #1 in the world for several years.

  • Michael Jorden

    Michael Jorden

    "By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time." is on his NBA web site biography

  • There is no Finish Line

    There is no Finish Line

    Lone basket ball player on dimly lit court practicing at night

  • Rebel with a Cause, John McEnroe

    Rebel with a Cause, John McEnroe

    A parody of the original James Dean poster useing John McEnroe was a sellout success for Nike.

  • There is no Finish Line, Tennis

    There is no Finish Line, Tennis

    Photographed from a crane to obtain this perspective illustraiting the need to practice constently.

  • Texas Longhorns

    Texas Longhorns

    Longhorns team and coach dressed in dusters made for the photograph

  • Hometown, Mark Jackson

    Hometown, Mark Jackson

    Mark Jackson during his run with the Knicks won Rookie of the Year in 1988

  • Cycling Vegas

    Cycling Vegas

    Cyclers riding through Las Vegas with lights blurring behink

  • Mary Lou Retton

    Mary Lou Retton

    Mary Lou makes it look easy. Winner of an All-Around Gold in the1984 Olympics

  • Action Jackson and Double Trouble

    Action Jackson and Double Trouble

    Mark "Action" Jackson of the Nicks was known for his trick passing.Shane Conlan and Cornelius Bennett were stars for the Buffalo Bills in the early 1990s

  • Charles Barkley in Iron Will

    Charles Barkley in Iron Will

    Sir Charles as he is often referred to was one of the NBA's most dominating power forwards. In 1993 he won the leagues MVP and has since been inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

  • Wanted for Capital Offense

    Wanted for Capital Offense

    5 ft 3 inch Muggsy Bobues was drafted in 1987 by the Washington Bullets and played along side of 7 ft 7 Manute Bol making them the tallest and shortest players in the NBA.

  • The Flight Brothers

    The Flight Brothers

    Larry Nance and Ron Harper of the Cleveland Cavaliers mad it tough for oponents

  • Serious Hang Time and Rocket Man

    Serious Hang Time and Rocket Man

    Anthony Carter of the Vikings a Pro Bowl player in 1987 and the teams best reciever. Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham as Philly's beloved loved Rocketman has gained more yards rushing than any other quarterback in NFL history with 4928

  • The Anthony Carter shoot Crew

    The Anthony Carter shoot Crew

    We made time for this shot of the crew and Carter