• Dove Release

    Dove Release

    Hands of a child releasing a dove

  • Yellow Rubber Duck in Bubbles

    Yellow Rubber Duck in Bubbles

    I had one of these with me as a child and sometimes still do

  • Swan Lake

    Swan Lake

    Photographed as a promo for a performance

  • Scrooge


    Photographed as promo for performance of play

  • Good and Evil

    Good and Evil

    Photographed for magazine cover

  • Adadis


    Adidas promo

  • Karate and Master

    Karate and Master

    Karate girl and her father, the master teacher

  • Accountant and Teacher

    Accountant and Teacher

    Magazine illustrations

  • Polack and Kids Playing

    Polack and Kids Playing

    Magazine illustrations

  • Jolt Cola

    Jolt Cola

    The 1st energy drink

  • Texas politician

    Texas politician

    Texas Politician shakeing hands with one and takeing pac money with other

  • Country Store and Kids

    Country Store and Kids

    Poster for Frito Lay